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Armley Festival – What does culture mean to you?

This year was the first year of Armley Festival and the main street was blocked off with a mixture of food, information and activity stalls and in a middle there was a stage with the amazing Cabaret Mike who was the compere and performing his own special brand of cabaret. Tea and Tolerance loaded up their tea caddy again and set off in search of a definition for culture in Armley.

Armley Festival
Armley Festival

What does culture mean to you?

Not sure. It’s so many things.

Do you mean what do I enjoy doing in my spare time?

I love Aqua Zumba – I go to Bramley Baths every week – it’s my favourite hour of the week.

I love brass bands and the free concerts in the parks every weekend. I wish there were more of these kinds of events. The council used to run lots of these – they should bring them back.

Culture is diversity and people. There is much diversity in Armley and it is accepted.

What do you love about Leeds (your area)?

I love that we have such diverse people living here in Armley and the acceptance of those difference. I am proud that the real junk food project started here.

There are some great people here. I have known some of them since they were children.

So many people here who are willing to help others. Volunteers for community projects. One of my friends is a regular visitor for people in Armley Prison – its not called that anymore is it?  Think it’s Leeds Prison now. It is amazing that she does that every week.

I work at the walk in clinic at the LGI. It’s great because I have regular hours. The clinic is a real leveler. I listen to people all day long. People come in from all walks of life and then they are in the same position and have all the same.

What would put Leeds on the World Map?

People are so friendly and willing to help others. I love that about Leeds. The brass bands are amazing.


Created by Zoe Parker, Lucy Meredith and Jason Hird, Tea & Tolerance is a roaming tea caddy, travelling festivals and events in search of what makes a 21st Century Human.

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