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People & Partners

Engaging the whole city is a tall order. Not everyone will be immediately interested. Some people will be on-line, others won’t. Some areas will have active neighbourhood forums, others won’t. Some people will prefer face to face conversations, where others will want a more public stage for detailed debate and discussion.  Individuals as well as organisations can contribute to the strategy. Young and old.

There aren’t any boxes to tick as it belongs to everyone so by default everyone has an equal opportunity to engage. That said telling everyone about the opportunity can be a difficult to trick to deliver. Finding people who are interested is hard, finding those who aren’t and still representing their voice is even harder.

For the new Culture Strategy to have integrity and value, it must be transparent. Everyone will need to see whose voices and views are creating this new strategy.

It must also include a range of people, ideas, views, opinions, and experiences. We are all influenced by our own cultures, if no one person or organisation owns culture then we must make sure that many people and organisations work towards co-producing the new Culture Strategy for Leeds.

If actively contributing to forums and meetings isn’t your style there might be someone represented here who you would like to talk to or share your views with so that you can still take part. This area of the website will try to capture the range and diversity of people working together to co-produce the new Culture Strategy and find people who are willing to have conversations with others and share their stories.