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All successful strategies lead to new outcomes and achievements, moving the city  forward and tackling some of its more challenging issues, finding a better way and innovating.

Our approach might be different which might lead to new and innovative ways overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities, but we still need to make sure that the Culture Strategy has a real and meaningful impact at local, national and international level. For many the words we write will mean far less than the actions we take, as a result

This isn’t the first Culture Strategy that Leeds has ever had, and many projects from previous strategies are continuing, and could potentially benefit from new ideas and perspectives which arise in the development of this new strategy.

We have thirteen years from 2017-2030 to make an enormous difference to the lives of people living in, working in and enjoying Leeds.

Rather than attempt to map out a future that should remain unknown and full of possibility this section of the website will grow with the Culture Strategy, starting with the projects and initiatives that we have now and adding in new ones as the city develops, adapts and changes its path over the course of more than a decade.

This area acts as a repository for cultural projects in the city, bringing the combined efforts and leadership of all who create our cultures, together in one place for the first time.