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Leeds 2023

In 2014 there was a city-wide conversation in Leeds debating whether or not Leeds should bid to become European Capital of Culture 2023.

What started with a public open meeting in January 2014 ended in December 2014 with a resounding YES! in and Yorkshire Evening Post opinion poll. During the course of that conversation more than one million views were gathered from across the city, and the wider city region, and from other previous European Capitals of Culture.

In 2016 Leeds will submit an Expression of Interest for the competition alongside other UK and Hungarian bidding cities. From then the city will have one year to develop an 80 page bid book and artistic programme ready for scrutiny by 12 EU judges.

The bid to become European Capital of Culture 2023 must be rooted in the city’s Culture Strategy, to ensure that the year itself has a lasting legacy for Leeds and reflects the cultural identity of the city, exploring its challenges creatively and artistically.

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